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    Zanesfield Petanque Club (ZPC) was organized in the summer of 2010.  We began with a small court for casual play -- financed by generous donations from local businesses and private individuals.  Participation in the club increased so rapidly that we soon outgrew our original court, and in 2012 we added a second, larger court.  With the addition of the new court we can now accommodate the needs of a larger community of players, as well as host events and tournaments.

    ZPC's top priorities are playing petanque, building a great community, and introducing people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to this amazing activity. We offer free lessons for beginners and are happy to be able to provide an opportunity for everyone to watch, learn, and play.  Come down to our courts to learn more about petanque and/or to give it a try.  Our sets of visitor's boules are waiting for you!

The Future of
Petanque Club

    Zanesfield Petanque Club is constantly looking for ways to improve the courts. Currently our biggest project is the installation of stadium lighting, which will allow the courts to be used for evening play and night games. One of the Club's ongoing objectives is to make the courts as family-friendly as possible, so other major projects include the addition of tables and benches around the courts, and the addition of a BBQ grill.  We're also working on plans for a new equipment storage shed and for landscape improvements to Hall-Fawcett Park.  ZPC does accept donations, which are used to improve the area around the petanque courts and the features in Hall-Fawcett Park.

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